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Water Board of Limassol


June 2013


poster design


Adobe illustrator


The Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab (www.svclab.com) was commissioned by the Water Board of Limassol in order to communicate the problem of water leaks at Lemesos district in Cyprus.

As a member of the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab we were involved in the design process and production of the poster campaign under the supervision of Evripides Zantides.

The final design of the poster is based on a minimalistic information design approach, whereby a high visual contrast between two water-drops is used to emphasize, visualize and communicate to consumers the data, causes and prevention measurements of water leaks at Lemesos district in Cyprus.

The design process was successfully completed and the 100,000 posters/leaflets were included within the consumer's water bills during June 2013.

Click here to view the second poster of the campaign


"About world environmental awareness", Aug 2013 / St Louis (USA)


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