water 2012 vs 2013_3nd edition +data.visualization


Water Board of Limassol


October 2014


data visualization


Adobe illustrator


The Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab (www.svclab.com) was commissioned by the Water Board of Limassol to visually communicate the significant decrease of rain falls during the year 2013 compare to 2012 which resulted in water shortage in Cyprus during the year 2013.

As a member of the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab we were involved in the design process and production of the poster campaign under the supervision of Evripides Zantides.

Based on this shortage, we conducted a research and analysis of the data regarding the water flow and storage in dams for both years (2012 vs 2013). The comparable data were so shocking that we decided to let the data tell their story. The final design of the poster is based on a data visualization which communicates on one hand the inflow of water in dams (based on monthly rainfalls) and on the other hand the comparable total water storage in dams.

The design process was successfully completed and 100,000 posters/leaflets were included within the consumer's water bills during June 2013.

This is the third podter of the series. Click here to view the first poster of the campaign

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